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                SMT inspection, welding, dispensing and plug-in technology conference
                Hits:2774  Author:Radio Technology  Source:http://cs.580web.com  Time:2015-11-16 14:25:14
                On May 30, software industry association member units of the SMT branch director of anhui province - hefei rundong communication technology co., LTD, sichuan, guangdong province held in hefei of shushan the SMT branch of international hotel SMT inspection, welding, dispensing and plug-in technology conference. The province about 50 SMT backbone enterprises and more than 150 delegates to attend the meeting. Meeting invitation in guangdong province and sichuan province, director of the SMT SMT branch secretary John beastom, nanjing branch of Wei Ziling, zte professor-level senior engineer precision X-ray fan such as happy and domestic well-known experts in the electronic manufacturing and the application of semiconductor manufacturing process, automatic plug-in to the technical requirement of the PCB, at the bottom of the filling and the development of precision dispensing technology and application, the latest progress of anti-corrosion coating technology, high efficiency energy saving wave soldering welding technology and new development direction of SMT project report, this paper introduces the domestic SMT inspection, welding, dispensing, and plug-in technology and equipment of the latest development and achievement. Conference contents, interaction, for SMT in our province enterprise leadership brought the forefront of technical information and technical personnel. The meeting was welcomed by many SMT enterprises in our province and high praise. Many representatives of such activities in the future to engage in more, faster to promote our province SMT technology development and progress!
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