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                Hefei Radio Communication Technology Co., Ltd. (Stock code: 836590) is the leading broadband equipment provider in China. Headquartered in the High-tech Development Zone of Hefei with more than 200 employees and covering an area of 20, 000 square meters, we set up a procurement center in Shenzhen and a business office in Hong Kong as well, linking Radiotech and the abroad.

                We specialize in:

                ——Wired Broadband Access
                ——Wi-Fi Access Point
                ——Home Network Products

                More than 40% of the total employees being experienced R&D staff, all of whom coming from top universities, this active and innovative team has obtained hun- dreds of patents. With our world-class plant and sophisticated quality control system (qualified by ISO9001 and ISO14000), fully utilizing ERP and MES, millions of our products are sold both at home and abroad, building strong collaboration with domestic and foreign operators.

                Thanks to our superiority in talent, manufacturing, and management, we are and will continually take the lead in the field of broadband network solution. We uphold the belief that “Creativity adds momentum, credibility makes quality” and commit to perfecting our work for various clientsʼ need.

                No. 108, YinXing Road, High-tech Development Zone, Hefei, Anhui Province, China
                Zip code:230088
                Copyright ? HEFEI RADIO COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. Anhui ICP for 05003425 Technical support:Hefei bareal network